If I asked you if you knew how to search on Google, you’d probably say yes. Google has become one of the biggest learning tools the world has ever known but ironically, for something we all use every day we all know so little about it. Let’s see if you know about these helpful Google search tips.

Using “Quotation Marks”

If you put your search terms in quotes, Google will return your results to only include the exact phrase. Without putting your search in quotes the results will contain the exact phrase, synonyms, and other sites it seems relevant.


Dashes allow you to exclude a term from your search. Using a hyphen immediately before a word tells Google that you do not want pages that contain this word to appear in your results. The hyphen should appear immediately before the word and should be preceded with a space.

Use George Bush as an example. Look at what happens when I add a dash to different parts of the search.


~ Tilde is a symbol to use when you want Google to figure out synonyms for you.
When you place the tilde operator in front of a keyword, it will also search for words that are synonyms of that keyword. This is helpful when you don’t know all of the keywords to add.
For example, if you typed golf ~classes Google would keep the word golf and find results for golf classes, golf lessons, golf coaching, etc.



Did you know you can use Google to search for keywords on a specific website? If you type site: before a website along with keywords Google will scour the website to see if it has what you want to know.
For example, if I wanted to know what content colincanhelp.com had about Canva I would search Canva site:colincanhelp.com

Google Search Tip: Use site: to search a specific site

| Verticle Bar

Specify synonyms or alternative forms with an uppercase OR or | (vertical bar). The OR operator, for which you may also use | (vertical bar), applies to the search terms immediately adjacent to it.

.. Two Periods

including two periods to your search tells Google that you are looking for a range. If I was curious to know about all of the presidents during my lifetime I would type presidents 1988..2021.

Google Search Tip: Use .. for ranges


After you type your keywords, by typing location: you can isolate those keywords to their location relevance. I would use this feature if I wanted to know if a musician I liked was coming to play near me.

File Type

You can tell Google to only search for the file type you are looking for. I use this feature when looking for business card templates. If I just type in business card templates, I will get a lot of companies trying to sell me cards or other articles that don’t have what I want. If I change the search to business card templates filetype:psd
This will make sure that only pages that have .PSD files are included in the search results.

I would love to know what your favorite Google search tips | shortcuts are. Let me know in the comments or send me a message.



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