Did you know the number of reviews you have on Google majorly impacts your ability to get new customers through a Google Search?

Your reputation is a form of currency for your business. Giving great experiences and exceeding expectations grows the value of your work just as someone having a bad experience could bankrupt you. Google Reviews are a way of documenting your reputation with your customers.

What makes knowing how to get more Google reviews really valuable is the weight that a genuine testimonial has with potential customers. Someone who is considering doing business with you is far more likely to believe a long timeline of reviews left by people documenting their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your service than any highly produced video or ad campaign could ever do. That logic is why Google gives a lot of weight to your ranking in search by your reviews.

There are 3 major reasons why knowing how to get more Google reviews will help your business:

  1. Reviews = Leads
    More than 8 out of 10 people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. When you’re shopping online, are you more likely to get something with no reviews or 1,000?
  2. 5 Stars = Purchases
    The same logic trusting a product or business with a lot of reviews goes both ways. If you have a bunch of bad reviews, it will certainly influence people’s decisions in a negative way. If you can consistently get 4 and 5-star reviews, you will see more customers and purchases.
  3. Good Reviews = Good Ranking
    This has been fact-checked by Google themselves. If you have a lot of positive reviews, they will rank you higher when people search for your keywords.

Understanding the Rules of  Google Reviews

Since we know that nobody reads the Terms of Service agreements, let me save you some time and break down a few rules to consider when putting together a campaign to gain Google Reviews.

  • You can not bribe people to leave reviews, that is really frowned upon. Not even offer a discount or give a gift card if they leave a review.
  • You can not create a bunch of email addresses and leave reviews yourself. Google can sniff out fake accounts and weighs the reviews of those who have a lot of other reviews higher than those who participate less.
  • You need to make your business a Place on Google Maps to get a Business Profile and allow you to edit your profile.
  • You have to confirm the business address via a code they will send you.

Now what you really came for…
How to get more Google reviews

The easiest way is to simply ask your customers to do it. It might be awkward at first. I mean you are asking them to give you a digital pat on the back afterall.


Bring up that you are focusing more on digital marketing and part of that is being active on Google. Let them know that you value their opinions and that it would mean a lot to you if they gave you some feedback.

To increase your chances of them following through, I recommend having a business card, flyer, QR code, Popl, or some way to easily direct them to the review page. The easier you can make it, the more people will be willing to help.

If you don’t have much customer interaction at your business then it is important to make a call to action on your website and social media to direct people to the review pages.

Email is a GREAT way to get reviews.

Another way to reach a lot of people easily is through an email blast. You can gather all of the emails from your CRM and send out an email to everyone asking them to leave a Google review for you. It is common with this approach to also make a video showing step by step what people should do.

Finally, don’t forget to engage with those who leave reviews. It is very important to respond to both positive and negative reviews. By promptly responding to negative reviews you have the ability to try to correct the situation. If you manage the situation well, it might change their review!

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