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Finding Your Audience

I work with a lot of musicians, authors, and entrepreneurs to build their brand, get more leads, and reach their goals. A common theory among many of them is that they need to capture fans and followers in their city/region/state. The problem is for most ventures these days people have a global product and are only trying to sell it in their backyard. You need to think outside of your own backyard and think globally when finding your audience.

If you have a brick and mortar store and do not anticipate growing it to be a franchise, then you can probably go check out another article. However, if you are an author, musician, or make products, I want you to pay close attention to what I am saying.

With the reach of services provided by companies such as Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and social media platforms of the day, old philosophies are becoming extinct. It is true that for years you had to get the people in your area behind you before you could go onto bigger audiences. The reason behind that thinking was due to different availability of resources and distribution. You needed to get people to see what you created so that they could tell their friends, who would keep the word going about your work.

Then comes Social Media…

If you have been on social media for more than a year, you will already know that it has gotten quite hard to reach people’s feeds, even if they follow you and like you! This outrages many people, makes them feel cheated.

The days of reaching hundreds of people or even thousands for free were obviously great but are not as far gone as people think. When you hear that you have to place ads in order to get your content seen, people also get outraged. Remember though, it costs time and money to make websites work and they have to make that money somewhere!

As with most businesses they offered a tremendous service for free for as long as it took for millions of people to get hooked. I call it the “drug dealer method”. Once they are hooked on that free service they feel they need, social media companies then start to decline their organic reach and start promoting their ad products.

How do you do that?

Now with the internet and sophisticated ways to target an audience, it doesn’t much matter if the local scene isn’t into what you do. The key to finding your audience is to target different hobbies, locations, and find who responds to your content.

More specifically, becoming familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager is critical to your success in finding your audience. People think that you have to spend TONS of money in order to reach new fans/clients. Fact is, you just need a good ad, good content on your pages and website, and a dollar a day ( or more if you have it).

Did you notice that I included good content on your website? If you don’t have a website, you are killing your brand and wasting money/time.

Colin Ross

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