There are an insane amount of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute. Getting your video seen is hard work but with good content and these tips will give you the best chance.

Every Video Should Have Captions

Having captions on your video is important because it helps boost your search rank, caters to the hearing impaired community and those who watch videos with the sound off. Having captions also is a secondary way to keep someone’s attention.

Don’t Forget an End Screen

An End Screen is a Youtube tool to help keep viewers on your channel. They offer many different templates to pick from that allow you to suggest videos and subscribe buttons.

Add Relevant Info Cards

It is always a good idea to add Info Cards to your videos. On my podcast, I use cards to link to music videos of songs being talked about, other clips the current guest is on, etc. They are good to keep visitors attention on your content and helps get your watch time numbers up.

Keep Your Title Between 20-50 Characters

Make sure to make an intriguing, descriptive title but don’t draw it out more than you need to. It is important too to not make a clickbait title, but something that makes the viewer want to know more.

Add Chapters

Chapters are enabled by adding timestamps to your description. If you have a longer video you can tell the viewer where to expect different topics or events to make sure they see what they want. If a video was long and didn’t have chapters, they may skip the content entirely.

Facebook is Your Friend

If people share your links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. it will help your ranking on Youtube. They see it as a way to trust your video if people from other platforms are sharing and viewing it.

Playlists are Important for Watch Time

Every video should have a playlist to call home. It will help with watch time by having similar videos together.


You can use up to 500 characters in the tags section. Use as many as you can that are relevant to your video. It will actually hurt your video if you add a ton of spammy tags.
I want to mention again, your connection with your fans, good content, and an ad budget are also very important to a successful video. These tips are quick, easy, and free ways to give your Youtube video a leg up on the competition.

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