Are you stuck in a rut? Things not going the way that you wish? If you said yes and are like most people, you probably want an easy fix to those problems. Luckily for you, I am going to share my biggest tip to change those things. And it’s a simple one!

I think the key to success is conversations with people outside of your current inner circle.

That is part of the reason behind my podcast, Colin’s Conversations. If you are unfamiliar with the show, my goal is to talk to people who are using their creativity and passions to create a lifestyle that allows them to not only make a living but be happy.

It is always amazing to sit down with someone who does things that you have never thought of. Hearing their stories, learning about the ups and downs, the driving force behind them doing what they do, is not only inspiring but a great learning experience in so many ways. I started the show to not only be a way to create more content for my social media channels but also to learn how to help others market themselves in areas that I am unfamiliar with.

So far my focus for interviews has been writers, musicians, small business owners, and people who have both an entertaining and educational message. I am always fascinated when you can learn the back story behind songs, how people develop characters for their books, and what made someone quit their day job to pursue their passion.

It should be said that before my podcast began, I knew almost nobody that fit the above descriptions. With as few people as I keep in my inner circle, there would be no way to get enough footage for more than one episode. So how did I get all of the interviews set up?

My first interview was with a friend who convinced me to start a podcast, Jeremiah Craig. Jeremiah is a tremendous talent who not only made the theme song for my podcast but has also helped network me to a few other guests I have had on the show. A great help, but he was the only creator I knew! The rest came from social media.

There are two types of social media users; the user who just scrolls through their feed and consumes content and the user who creates content and DM’s strangers.

I am the second type! I love to create and have learned the power of asking for what you want. I will spend time scrolling through my feed, going to the explore features ( particularly on Instagram). I look for people who do interesting things, have quality production, and believe it or not I pay little attention to their follower count. I will send people who have interesting content a message and start to build a relationship.

You wouldn’t believe how accessible people who have way larger followings than you are as long as you are not intimidated to start the conversation. Just like when you introduce yourself to someone in public, it is always a good ice breaker to talk good about them before asking them for anything; be it advice, a favor, or a job.

I spend time everyday scouting for someone new and interesting to talk to. It is a form of research that not only gets me, guests, for my show, but allows me to learn so much. As a marketer, I see how other people are presenting their content, I read what type of copy they are adding to posts, I see the different hashtags that are being used. As a human, I see how people are living, my perspectives widen as I see other ways of life, and my communication skills grow when I find people I want to reach out to.

So how does scrolling through the feeds on social media and sending DMs to strangers help transform my life? As I mentioned, my perceptions and perspectives on how people live and broadcast their lives grow daily. I also have managed to get over 30 interviews recorded in the first half of the year.

Each of those interviews has created numerous social media posts, Youtube videos, podcast episodes, and some of them have even turned into a business for my content marketing endeavors. Most importantly, every time I edit an interview or replay an episode, my creativity is taken into a whole new direction.

The feeling of creative inspiration, the occasional sale, and the meeting and talking to new people every day gives me the motivation to keep creating and finding new people and new ways to tell stories.

Without starting a new conversation, you will never know how much you can grow from interacting with another human.


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