We live in a time where everyone wants to start a blog, vlog, or social media profile and overnight be able to make enough passive income to live off of. Good news, it is possible to make enough passive income to live off of it by being a content creator. Bad news, it will happen not after one night, but after thousands of sleepless nights. If you want to be a successful content creator the biggest tip I can give you is to just get started!

Your first video likely will be your worst video. Your first article might not read as fluid as the idea was in your head. The first photoshoot you do, the lighting might be all wrong and you didn’t realize it until way too late. You can look at these things as negatives and fuel to not start or you could also take them for the learning experiences they are.

Far too often in Facebook groups I see that people want to start a Podcast or Youtube Channel because it is the popular thing to do but they just don’t know where to start. Not knowing where to start could be your first sign that you are getting into it for the wrong reasons or that you are insecure about your creations. To be a great content creator, you have to move past this feeling.

I often go back and look at things that I made in the past to help push forward. If I am frustrated with a lack of growth or notice that my production is not on the same par with my peers looking at old stuff always helps. Even just a few months back or a year ago it is amazing how differently I did things.

It is so important as a business, content creator, or even just a human being to be able to try new things, adapt, and carry those experiences forward into the future.