Though many are not in love with the medium, social media is an author’s best friend. Never before has it been easier to not only publish your own story but also put it in front of millions of eyes for little to no money.

You want to make sure that you remember that you are not just selling a book, you are selling your personality to potential readers and audiobook listeners. Too often people only use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to try to sell 100% of the time. This 99% of the time is not the best strategy.

To be successful in promoting yourself on your story you should focus on either really letting people get to know you, see your ups, your downs, your process, etc or create content from character perspectives.

By focusing on giving potential readers value, the content they look forward to the next update, when you then occasionally mention your merch or books, they will be more apt to want to make the purchase than if you just cram it down people’s throats to buy it.

I want to mention too, it is important to not post the exact content and copy to all of your platforms at the same time. You want to take the extra time to format your videos and photos for the specific resolutions of the different platforms and if possible deliver the content in a way more native to the platform you’re posting on.

If you have the funds to throw a dollar a day or more into ads, I also highly recommend a regular ad budget to get your message a wider reach. The Facebook ads platform is really good at allowing you to target your ideal customer/fan, with a little time (or hiring a pro) you can learn how to get your message seen by thousands for just a few dollars.

Furthermore, the Facebook Pixel when installed on your website will give you access to data that will make your ad campaigns way more efficient.

If you have any further questions, send me a message or leave a comment!