There is no better feeling as a marketer than when people do the things you suggest and they work out well for them. About a year ago I did a consultation with author, Ashley Greathouse. She was a short story author and was struggling to get the word out about her work. I gave her some ideas, she put them to work, and I couldn’t be more happy watching her along her journey.

For almost every author, I recommend the following things:

  • Network:
    • You have to become an extrovert or hire an extrovert.
    • There are a million books a day being published, you have to make people want to support you as an artist. They have to like YOU!
  • Put your work into as many mediums as you can:
    • Podcast
    • Audiobook
    • Graphics
    • Videos
    • Screenplay
  • Be active on all major social media:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Youtube
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • Linkedin
  • Have a website:
    • This is your hub, the main place to send people to learn all about you and is a crucial piece to your online reputation.

As you are probably already thinking after you skimmed those lists is that marketing a book seems like it is way too much for one person. Honestly, for most of you it is too much to take on. But what I love about watching what happened with Ashley Greathouse after our consultation is how she did not get discouraged by such a large list of things to do. She was happy to learn all of the things that are needed for a solid marketing plan and did it all on her own! Ashley took a bite out of all of those things one piece at a time.

From the top of the list down….

When I first met her she was self proclaimed awkward and uncomfortable on film and recording her voice. Since then, she has become a staple in many online writing communities and makes very unique promotional materials for her books.

By doing this, she has gained thousands of followers across all of the platforms that she is on in the last year. That is right, THOUSANDS. That is a lot of potential eyes on what she is producing!

Ashley started her own podcast, Enjoy My Nightmares. Why is it important for her to make a podcast? It allows her to work out her story telling muscles in a different way, opens her up to a whole new audience, networking possibilities, shareable social media content, the list can go on!

She got outside of her comfort zone and with each episode of her podcast, the production gets better and you can tell she is much more comfortable doing it!

But what I really want to highlight is that she just released her first AUDIOBOOK!!! I don’t know how many people I recommend turn their book into an audio book that come up with a million excuses not to. The number one excuse used by people to not get an audio book made is due to the cost to have someone produce it.

I asked Ashley directly about this:

The cost of having your audiobook produced is completely up to you. Personally, I’m more comfortable with the royalty share option

That’s right, people will produce your audiobook and instead of a large sum upfront, you can give them partial royalties when the book sells.
I love when you can find people who will work this way. The benefit is so great, think about it…
If they get paid from how well it performs, they have more invested to do a great job!

I also asked Ashley how she summed up the experience of producing an audiobook:

Hearing your story, not just read, but brought to life by someone brings you such an amazing feeling. I had goosebumps!

Let me wrap it up.

It has been great watching Ashley grow as a marketer and artist. I am so glad that I could help guide her to new avenues for her writing and that she has been excelling in every one!

I encourage you all to check out her stories and let her know what you think! Reviews mean the world to content creators of all kinds, so if you have any thoughts on her work, let her know!



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