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5 EPK Essentials

The topic today is, “What should be in my EPK?” EPK, short for Electronic Press Kit is something every musician needs to have in the modern world.  It is your digital resume, calling card, and the plate that potential collaborators and promoters can find out all about you. So what should you include in your EPL?

  1. Your Bio
    This is your chance to have your story told in the exact way you want it to be.
  2. Professional Photos
  3. Your full catalog
  4. Career Highlights
  5. Contact info


1. Your musician bio

The first element to include in your EPK is your bio. Adding your musician bio upfront is a nice way to introduce yourself to a promoter or venue. Add a few sentences that sum yourself up (or your band), talking about your genre of music, to a recent accomplishment. This is your elevator pitch; it’s the way you might introduce yourself quickly in person.

Keep in mind that bookers and festivals have different needs and word limits for bios, so it’s a good idea to include different versions of yours here. In addition to your elevator pitch (1-2 sentences), include a short bio (1 paragraph), a medium bio (2+ paragraphs) and a long bio (4+ paragraphs).

If you’d like to keep your EPK looking streamlined, these versions of your bio can be added as downloadable files. Or, you can write out a short musician bio followed by a long bio, keeping in mind someone may copy and paste parts of it.

The 8 things that should be in every band's electronic press kitArtist EPK: Kim Yang

2. Promotional photos

Include a section in your EPK with downloadable photos. If you’re preparing for a photoshoot, consider the kinds of photos, and the sizing you’ll need for your band’s EPK. These should be your official promotional photos, and they should be good quality. That way they can easily be used in print, or exported and used for online promotion or in press

Offer a variety of photos in your press kit, keeping in mind that a promoter may need something quickly. Posed band photos work well along with a live shot or two that conveys your style of music. If you’re focusing on promoting a new album to music reviewers, include photos that are on brand with that music, plus the album’s artwork.

In terms of sizing, it’s a good idea to include vertical and horizontal options, plus a black and white image. This should cover the needs of a promoter, blogger, or venue.

A horizontal image with some space around the edges of the subject (you!) to account for cropping will help your imagery appear professional on social media or music review websites. Including a square image, or a portrait image that can easily be cropped, will be useful for stories and social feeds.

The 8 things that should be in every band's electronic press kitArtist EPK: Christian Howse

3. Music

Because your band EPK represents your musical identity, select your most popular tracks, or the ones that you feel best show you off as a musician. A promoter or music supervisor may not have heard your songs before, and they may only listen quickly to the first track or two.

Include a music player on this page that plays your songs in full. You can include links to your streaming services as well, in case someone wants to see how you’re faring in the streaming world.

Make sure you have a player with a play button right on your EPK, though, so it’s an easy click to start listening. Adding some text that describes your music, be it an about an upcoming album or a popular single, is also helpful. That way, if a journalist wants to conjure a description of your sound, it’s already laid out as a starting point.

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4. Video

Media sites often embed videos of artists they’re covering to help make the article more engaging. Venues and festivals also like to use video on their websites to promote artists they’ve booked.

Embed a few of your best videos in your digital press kit to make it easy for promoters to find high-quality videos, and rotate these out regularly to be sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

If you have information that will make your video more compelling, add a bit of text above or below it. This could help a promoter or venue glancing over your EPK want to take a deeper listen. It can also make it easier for them to describe your video.

5. Press and reviews

With a band EPK, you’ll want to help the media develop stories about your music. If you’ve already received some press coverage, it shows that there is a story to be told. Reviews also add a sense of authenticity and an incentive that the music is worth listening to. Interviews that talk about your killer live show can also help you book even bigger and better shows.

Keep these reviews short and sweet. The goal of your EPK is not to overwhelm a reader with content, but to convey a sense of who you are. Pull the best quote from each review and include a link to the full article, plus its source, underneath.

The 8 things that should be in every band's electronic press kitArtist EPK: Kari Lynch band

6. Highlights and achievements

Make sure to give positive context to you and your music in your EPK. You can do this by including some career highlights to date.

A few examples of musical achievements might include awards you’ve won, radio play you’ve built up, or success on streaming platforms or YouTube. If you’ve supported a big act on tour, or performed at noteworthy festivals, include that in your EPK.

The purpose of including your musical highlights is to grow buzz around your music, and yourself as a performer.

7. Social media links

Be sure to Include your social links as an element on your EPK. Your website, and your EPK, is the hub for everything about your music, but you’ll want to make it easy for visitors to also check out, and connect with you, on social media.

On your EPK especially, it’s important to only add the platforms that you’re the most active on, with a growing following.

8. Contact information

As the final element, include detailed contact information on your band EPK page, to have everything in one place for media and bookers. You can use a contact form, or an email address on the page. Just make sure it’s easy to locate.

You can add contact info for each member of your team, whether it’s your booking agent, manager, or publicist. Many musicians handle these roles themselves, and in that case you can include your main contact info for press and booking inquiries.

The 8 things that should be in every band's electronic press kitArtist EPK: Echo Elysium

As a professional artist, it’s important to make a music website that contains all of your music, merch for sale, and information about you. An EPK for your music should be a key part of this equation – think of it as a snapshot of your latest music or project summed up all at once.

Building out a band EPK with these elements will help you start booking more gigs, and make it easier for the media and industry to promote your music. Make sure to update your press kit regularly as your career moves forward, and it will pay off for your career.


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