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Blogging Mistakes

#1 Mistake:
Only writing about the things that interest you!
Why is this a mistake?

Intentionally write about things that you would not normally. Spend time writing about things that still relate to your niche, but are not the exact things you want to write about, but things people will want to read about.

I suggest polling your social media followers about things that they would want to read more about, after all, they are the ones who matter most.

#2 Mistake: Your writing is boring

Nobody wants to read term papers all day. It is important to find a balance of delivering the facts but in an interesting way, and a visually appealing format. The easier it is to consume your content, the more of it the viewer will look at.

Solution: Write like you talk.

It is ok to be a little bit informal with your writing on your blog. I still think that grammar, sentence structure, and other basics are important, but delivering your message is the most important piece.

I recently started a podcast series called Blog Out Loud where I read my blog articles into my microphone and give a little extra information about the topics. I found that to be the best tool for my writing! If I can not read through the article out loud with it making complete sense, I know there are words out of place or something wrong with the thought. Sometimes it makes sense in YOUR head, but it doesn’t always make sense to everyone else. Reading your stuff out loud before you post it will help you give clear, readable posts.

#3 Mistake: You think people care about you.

I love the saying from Gary Vaynerchuck,

Nobody gives a fuck about your feelings, bro.

It sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

When people start blogging or start a social media profile, they thing that people will care about them as a person. There will be a few, a bunch if you are super lucky. But when you are first starting out, people really do not care about you or your experiences.

They care much more about themselves. They care more about how your stories make them feel. Most importantly, they want you to teach them something or entertain them.

Solution: Show your personality; don’t tell it.

You will not be able to force people to like you. You can however literally buy their likes. You do not want to do that though.

In your articles, slowly let your personality, your personal experiences into your writing. If you do this properly, it will feel very natural to you and the reader.

It will also help them transition from wanting you to just teach them about a topic, to looking forward to learning more about the writer.

Don’t be afraid to crack a joke, use a pop culture reference, or do something a bit out of the ordinary.

#4 Mistake: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

I just covered how it is important to not think that people care about you, but some people just need that ego boost. I also said it is ok to briefly include stuff about your personal life in your writing, but don’t make an article about investing all about the time you found five dollars on the ground.

It is important to learn the balance of personality and fact presenter. Do not digress into constant personal anecdotes, stay on your topic!

Solution: Make your point unable to not be seen.

Find a way to make your point in every paragraph. Not only will it help you with your keyword ranking, but it will also keep you from going on too many rants  ( some rants necessary, I get it).


#5 Mistake: Your topics are too broad.

When people start blogging, they generally want to write on really big topics like:

  • “How to Podcast”
  • “Business Pioneers Philosophies”
  • “How to Make Lots of Money on the Internet”

Topics like these are far too broad. Trying to write on such a wide topic will keep you struggling to stay on topic and not ramble.

Solution: Start with a very specific working title.

Instead of the above general topics, try things like:

By making a more specific title, it allows you to stay on that topic easier. It also makes it more alluring for the reader. They know exactly what they are going to get. Instead of general business leaders, they know they are going to learn about Jack Ma.

I hope these tips can either save you a ton of time if you are just starting out or help your get your blog on track if you have been making any of these mistakes.


If you have any tips on other mistakes people are making or other ways to correct them, leave them in the comments!


Thanks as always for reading!


Colin Ross

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