Unfortunately, in order to make your music successful, you have to not only make a great song but also know how to promote your music online as well. Odds are you are passionate about creating the music but not nearly as excited or confident in your skills to market your music. Here are a few ways to help your music stand out that you should be doing.

1. Website

There is nothing more important for a musician to have in their promotional tool bag than their own website. Having your own site not only lets you have complete control over the fan’s experience with your content but also gets you tons of important data. Take ownership of your name online, get hosting, and build a site that you and your fans will love.
Your website should include ALL of your content in every medium possible. Showcase your latest music and videos, list all of your podcast and radio appearances, have a professional EPK, detailed bio, upcoming and past events, and any merch you may have.
Stop promoting for people to go to other sites to get your content, spend the time and effort getting them to go to your site for all the content instead. That doesn’t mean don’t include links to iTunes or Spotify, but make them get them from your site!

2. Email/Text List

While email rates decline, there are a ton of new options for text messaging your fans. Almost everyone opens a text message sent to them, especially if they know who it came from. You want to always be working on building an email and text list, any way you can get data from a fan, get it! The more data you have, the better you can place ads or send messages to notify of a new release or upcoming show in a certain area.

3. Blog / Vlog

People buy music from people who they not only like the product they make, but. they also relate to the person who made it. The more you can make Blogs and Vlogs, the more opportunities you have to connect with fans and send them to your current marketing efforts.
Also when you blog on your website and make mention to different keywords, it helps show your expertise and build up your SEO rankings.

4. Electronic Press Kit or EPK

An EPK is an essential piece of your online marketing. I often recommend it be a page hosted on your website that you should think of like a resume for your music career. It is a simple highlight reel that showcases your latest music, bio, videos, etc.
When you reach out to blogs, radio stations, record companies, or venues it really helps to have a simple link that they can get a complete overview of what you bring to the table.

5. Music Blogs

Let other people do the work for you! There are tons of people on the internet who make their living reviewing music and finding the upcoming trends. Do some research to see what blogs feature music like yours and send them a link to your website / EPK.
You don’t want to just spam them though, they get that all the time. Find ways to get connections with the writers of the publications before sending links or requests.
Comment on their posts and videos with meaningful comments, share their content, make them aware that you support what they do before trying to get a feature.
Some blogs will charge you to get on their page and that decision is up to you. There are a ton of free opportunities but if something seems like the potential is worth paying into, make the decision wisely.

6. Podcasts

People trust the information on the podcasts they listen to. Also, podcasts tend to give you a much more long-form platform to talk about your craft than traditional radio or TV interviews. Searching for podcasts that promote music or cover other topics you are well versed in is a terrific way to get your name out there.

If you don’t want to just be a guest, you can always start your own podcast. You could interview others in your musical community, fans, venues, etc., and build relationships while creating endless amounts of content.

7. Tik Tok

Tik Tok today is essentially what it was like on IG a few years ago when it comes to organic reach. The deck is also stacked in your favor because while it is a video app, it is very much centered around audio clips and music.
If you can come up with a catchy song, a way to isolate the most catchy parts and get people to interact, you can get a TON of organic eyes on your music without buying any ads.

8. Twitch

Most people think of video games when it comes to Twitch but a musician can also really benefit from the platform. You can do live streams of you performing or behind the scenes of your creation process. If fans enjoy, you could get tips and paid subscriptions.

9. YouTube

You need to create as many visuals for your music as you can and use YouTube to host the video, find new viewers, and embed the videos on your site.

10. Streaming services (Spotify, Apple, playlists)

Work on getting your music featured on playlists. The more people you can get to share your music, the more you will appear in the “You May Also Like” sections.

Let me know what other ways you have had success promoting yourself online!