Ways To Spend More Time Than Money On Your Kids


If you have kids you know how they are expensive and I know you do not have much time. So here it is, a quick and simple way to save money every month on your kids while giving them more time and value.

Hand me downs are under rated.
This is why:

There is nothing wrong with giving a second life to clothes, furniture, kitchenware, or anything else. Let all of your friends and family know that you want all of their salvageable old stuff. Even if you can’t use it yourself, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go fix it up and sell it or package clothes in a big lot and sell it off. There are tons of apps out there that will connect you to buyers. Remember, making money is also saving money.

Spend time, not money.
Do as much as you can at home

The more you can make at home, the more you can normally save. Making homemade gifts for birthday parties, creating home made thank you cards, and making homemade slime are all ways to save a ton of money on your kids. Not only will it save money but it will help spark and encourage creativity. Another great homemade saving tip is make as many meals as you can at home. If you don’t go out to eat for a month, you would be amazed at all the money you would save. Try my Air Fried Chicken Wings.

Thrift shops:
The next best thing to hand me downs

Kids have always and will always want the cool brands and the latest styles. Luckily for parents, you do not always have to pay retail prices to get the same styles. Second hand stores often have lightly used clothes, some still with tags on them. The best thing about them is almost every day most thrift stores have a half off tag that can lead to huge savings. Think about what I mentioned in the hand me down section about reselling things you don’t need. If you can buy goods at half off what people are already buying for a deal, you can possibly turn that into money.

The analytics tracking code can collect which of the following?

The tracking code is pretty amazing in what it can tell you. It can let you know the language the browser is set to, what browser is being used to access your site, even the device and operating system! Unfortunately it can not be the magic mirror on the wall and tell you which is their favorite website of them all.

Coordinate a carpool system

Carpooling can not only save gas but it can save time. If you can arrange a carpool to school or basketball practice with 5 parents, only having to drop off and pick up your kid could save you multiple hours a week to work or do things around home.

barter for babysitting

Trade babysitting nights with neighbors or kids friends parents instead of paying someone. If you have a group of friends that like to go out, you can arrange a playdate with a friend to watch your kid while you go out. Doing this lets your kids play with their friends more and is a fair way to save money.

Dispose of your disposable diaper habit.

It is insane how expensive diapers are. It can be a gross job, but if you use reusable diapers, it could be a way to save money. Or at least not throw money away a few times a day. Also start working on potty training early. The sooner you do not need diapers, the sooner you do not need to buy them.

Learn to love your local library!

Libraries are a phenomenally underused resource. You can often order just about any book, movie, or cd you could think of to be sent to your home branch in a matter of days or weeks. You do not need to go to Redbox, just download a library app! We used the library a ton when we moved into our new place and didn’t have internet yet. A life of streaming movies is great, until you aren’t connected.

explore your city and state parks.

Get them involved in the outdoors! Go bike riding, fishing, take a class, hike, or any of the other great amenities available in parks. Taking them to parks will allow them to learn and appreciate the outdoors, interact with kids and adults, and can create great bonding experiences. Most parks have some sort of playgrounds, a perfect way to keep them busy for free. Some will have to pay for parking, but most are free or very cheap days. Pack a picnic and enjoy your time together.

take regular short trips.

Every kid wants to go to Disneyland, but teaching them about all of the wonders in their own backyard can be equally if not more rewarding. Do small weekend trips regularly instead of a big trip annually or every few years. Get out and teach them about the areas around them. Instead of spending a few thousand on a great big trip, take it and break it into something fun every month.

teach them about utilities.

I find it amazing how kids will fuss and fight to get out of a shower when you tell them to go wash up. Why is it amazing? I don’t know about your kids, but at my house there is a fight to get into the shower and then we can’t get the kid out. She will have a full concert, use up a full bottle of body wash, and come out dry as a Texas afternoon. Teaching your kids about the environmental effects, how much water and utilities cost, even showing how expensive toilet paper is, all great lessons to teach kids. Not only are they great lessons, but teaching them to conserve will cut your monthly costs incredibly!


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