This article was inspired by listening to the Gary Vee Podcast. He has a new thing he is talking about, “Replacing the word millionaire with happy”. I thought about it and it is a very good idea, but I thought I would change it up a bit.

When you say you want to be a millionaire, you are just saying you think a million dollars is enough money to do just about whatever you want, whenever you want.

Essentially, by saying you want a million dollars like Gary says, you just want to be happy. Society has put a benchmark of one million dollars meaning success. What they don’t tell you is by also doing the societal norms like going to college, getting a 9-5 job, not learning about investing and taxes in school, you aren’t likely to hit that million mark.



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See how much you have to do to hit that million?!

So instead of spending so much time on how you are going to get a million dollars, I want you to think, ” I want to be free”.

I do not mean that in the hippy, no responsibility way though. In order to be free you have to be responsible but not tied down by materials and debts. I can’t stress enough, you don’t need a million dollars. Instead, take these steps:

  • Go through your house and donate, sell, and throw away everything you do not need.
  • Make a Budget!
  • Stick to that budget for a few months
  • Analyze where your money is going.
  • Decide from there if you need to make more money or cut more expenses to be free.

By removing all of the things in your house that you do not like, do not use or ever have a use for, you are on your way to freedom and happiness. How? By removing the things that you do not want or use often, you can create space for new objects or realize that you currently own / rent more space than you truly need.

You want a mansion, but do you want to clean it and pay the property taxes on it?

We all see the big fancy houses on TV, but we do not see the happy people cleaning it. If you have made a ton of money and your budget can afford you to have people clean and landscape for you, great. But you should probably be living off savings or be making way more money per hour than you are paying to have things done for you that you can do for yourself.

There is a very pleasurable feeling about owning only what you need. Also thing about the less stuff you own, the less things you have to move when you decide to move.

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Moving can be a costly expense. If you have to pay for less boxes, smaller truck , less pizza and beer for your friends who helped you lug around all your junk for the day, then you are saving a ton of money in your lifetime.

Remember, savings is as good or better than earnings.

You will learn a lot more about the joys of saving when you start your budget.

Without a budget, you don’t know where your money is truly going.

We all think we know where we spend our money at, but if you kept track of every receipt and logged it against a budget every month, most would be shocked at how much we pay monthly for certain things. If you can track and know where your money goes, you took another step towards a free life. A budget is one of the biggest goals in your life that you never new you had. Let’s talk about why.

9 out of 10 people will tell you budgeting is boring, but 9 out of those 9 I would bet are broke.

I can not prove that, but I can also really comfortably say that most successful, rich people do have budgets that they stick to.

The budget should not be looked at as a boring document, it is literally your entire life! It is how you can figure out where to get money to save or invest. It will also be the kick in the butt to tell you when you are spending more than you are making. This ensures you stay on top of your finances and free of getting into a debt trap.

To really be FREE, you need to:

  • Every day, bring in as much or more than you spend that day.
  • Budget and plan months or years into the future.
  • Do things that make you happy.
  • Don’t stay at a job because it pays the bills, find a job you are happy with and have less bills.
  • Do things because they make YOU HAPPY, not because other people want them for you.
  • Understand you will fail, but to be free you must get up and try again.

I hope this article was a way to get you to think differently about that million dollar benchmark. Though if you still are set on that million mark, I have content on the site for you too! But really, start replacing the thoughts of wanting to be rich and get millions and billions. Replace them with thoughts of, I want to be free, I want to live on my own terms, I want to owe nothing to anyone.

I really believe money does not bring you happiness. It does however take away a lot of  worries that those without a solid financial plan have. It also allows you to have the mindset that no matter what happens or what you see, you can get it or do it. That there, is true freedom.

Plan how to pay for your future instead of always paying for your past.


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