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Our Lawn Care services are designed to give you a healthy lawn in the most natural way possible. We don't use any pesticides or hazardous chemicals. Only proper mowing, watering recommendations, and seasonal services to keep the lawn looking its best.

Set Up

While our lawn care services are awesome, it is our real goal to turn your lawn into a food forest. We can teach you how to do it yourself or do it all for you and leave your harvest at your front door.

Take Down

If you need more curb appeal or are looking for a backyard oasis, we can make your dream home a reality. We can also make sure your all your seasonal maintenance tasks get completed.

Recent Landscaping Projects

Overgrowth Removal

Service Request: Can you cut down all of the stuff growing in between the garage and the fence?
Location: Euclid
Details: The customer just wanted a quick chop down of the overgrowth so they could walk down the path if needed. We used our loppers, bush trimmers, and line trimmers to knock it all down, bag it up, and hauled it away.
Outcome: We used 1 man hour to cut it all down and get it hauled away. There were a few pieces of bamboo that we cut at the base but was so stuck on the fence we will have to wait to return in a few weeks to break it off as it dries out. The project was completed to the customers liking and the area is back to being usable.

Flower Bed Maintenance & Mulch

Service Request: Can you take care of all the weeds in our flower bed and fill the area with black mulch?
Location: Shaker Heights
Details: The flower beds were taken over by 6-foot tall weeds, overgrown bushes, and not edged. We went in with the goal of making everything look its best and anticipated a great transformation.
Outcome: Both the technicians and the client loved how it turned out. We hauled away tons of brush and weeds, transplanted some plants, cut a defined bed edge, and added triple shredded black mulch from Highland Landscape Supply to top it all off.

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