What is a Personal Brand?

Simply put, when you hear someone talking about building their personal brand they are talking about their reputation. Just like your social reputation, your ability to convert your digital...

How long should Facebook videos be?

Everyone knows that they should be on all of the major social media platforms. What everyone doesn't know though is how to most effectively post on the different platforms....
Podcast Starter Kit

Podcast Starter Kit

I have bought a TON of equipment to make my podcast both an audio and video experience. I have bought some higher-end equipment and some lower-priced things, and now...

How I Became an Author

This is an excerpt from my talk with Alicia Caldwell Henderson, author of the YA novel, "Young, Dumb, and Naive". I did my best to transcribe this powerful piece...


Tip 5: Livestreaming

Pro Property Maintenance

Tip 7

Tip 2: Sharing is Caring