What is a Personal Brand?

Simply put, when you hear someone talking about building their personal brand they are talking about their reputation. Just like your social reputation, your ability to convert your digital...
Content Creator Tip

Being a Content Creator: Where to Start

We live in a time where everyone wants to start a blog, vlog, or social media profile and overnight be able to make enough passive income to live off...

How long should Facebook videos be?

Everyone knows that they should be on all of the major social media platforms. What everyone doesn't know though is how to most effectively post on the different platforms....

Tip 3

Dealing with Criticism in the Comments

It is the world of everyone wants to be an influencer, content creator, or some sort of online celebrity. This dream has been fulfilled by many but has also...


Tip 6: You Need a Website

Bumped: App Review

Blogging Mistakes

Pro Property Maintenance