Gary Vee’s Secret To Organic Instagram Growth


If you have been on Instagram or Facebook in the last few years, you probably have seen or come to love Gary Vee. His strategy is simple, give value to gain leverage. He gives away all of his best ideas ( obviously he does some of them himself) on the idea that most people are too lazy to put them to work. Here is his strategy to not spending money to get quality followers:

Gary Vee’s Secret to Instagram Growth

Search for accounts in your niche using the explore hashtag feature.

Select the Top 5 posts and comment something useful.
For example: ” Gary Vee is really an inspiration to many people. I appreciate his free value and especially in the social media field”

Repeat that process every day, at least with 90-100 posts

This is very time consuming yes, but the amount of followers you will gain is worth the time.



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