In my search to bring you more information about real estate and home buying, I talked with real estate agent, Holly West of the Beard Group of Keller Williams. She stressed the importance of finding trustworthy service providers. This might be tough information to swallow, but she brings up a great point:

a real estate transaction is not all about the rates and fees.

With that said, there are a ton of fees and varying rates when you start looking at different service providers. Holly pointed out that even though you are going through an exciting and scary time, doing your due diligence on service providers can be your greatest investment.

She stressed that you should find people that you can trust even if it takes a bit of time to interview and look into various realtors, lenders, and insurance agents.

It’s not just rates and fees that are important in a real estate transaction.

Services vary but most importantly, you want people on your side that have great communication skills, are organized, and can showcase how they will work consistently on your behalf.

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Also remember that it is ok to not use someone that is recommended by a service provider you are working with. Just because you get a really good vibe from your realtor, doesn’t mean you will get the same vibe from the people in their referral network.

Wrap Up:

Worry more about the time you spend putting together your team and less on the dollars spent. You are going to spend a ton of money regardless, so just make sure you spend it and your time wisely throughout the process, but especially at the beginning.

Holly was great to talk to and you could tell that she really cares about making the most enjoyable experience possible for her clients. If you are in need of an agent or advice, I recommend contacting her!


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