Buying a home is not a one man/woman job. It takes an entire team of people to get everything done. One of the first people in your team should be a reputable loan officer. If you already have connections with real estate agents, they often have a list of local loan officers that they have a working relationship with.

I recently talked with Sheree Klausner, Realtor at Century 21 Premiere Properties and winner of REALTORS President’s Sales Club Award of Distinction (2018).

Sheree told me that:

Locally here, by law we have to provide people with a list of 3 or more (if they ask for referrals). I know loan officers that I work with again and again.

She also mentioned that if she gets “burned”  ( they don’t do a good job or hold up their

Sheree Klausner

end of the deal) by a loan officer that they are no longer on the list of recommendations. This is what makes the real estate agents list so valuable, if the person they refer you to does not make good on their end, the real estate agent can’t make the sale. Meaning, every party involved wants to make sure you get the best rate possible and the fewest hold ups along the way.


Sheree also stressed the importance of Pre-Approval.

Saying, “It’s important to the buyer though to get their Pre-approval for many reasons. Some of the most important are so they are looking in the correct price range, knowing what budget they would be most comfortable in, and when they find ‘their home’ they have to have, they aren’t waiting to make an offer because they are waiting for their Pre-approval to arrive as ‘their home’ becomes someone else’s home!”

This advice sounded identical to the things that were stressed by Chad Velázquez in my article, Investors Advice for First Home Buyers. With that said, go get your pre approval and real estate team together and get ready for the next step!


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