the number one question I get asked is, where do I find the time to write?

My answer is generally something around the lines of, “Whenever I can.”

That would be the same answer most authors would give, or at least I assume. What other answer could there be?

Whether you’re a traditional author or self published, you can only write when you have the time, but it’s not as simple as that.

Well, at least for me it’s not.

when i’m not writing, i’m thinking about writing.

You might not always have time to write as much as you want, but you do have time to think. Part of my writing process for when I have a story started is to think about what is going to happen next. I’ll be driving to work, and before I know it, I’ve thought of an entire scene down to every detail. There are those that struggle with memory, and for that I have a simple suggestion. Download a recorder app on your phone, and when you’re having these little brainstorms, think out loud! I might be busy with everyday life, but whether I’m cooking, cleaning, taking a shower, etc.- I have time to think, and so do you.

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Those tiny moments, that just have a way at standing out in your mind, you need to remember those. If you can’t remember them all, start a journal about them. These are things that you might not be able to use in your current story, but if writing is something you want to continue to do, then having those journals to reference to will be extremely helpful later in your career.

there is no better way to connect with your readers than writing about relatable moments.

Your whole story doesn’t have to be one giant relatable plot, but adding in those detailed personal experiences with your readers will help keep them invested in your book. It will also be what makes you stand out.

So, it’s completely true that most authors struggle with finding time to write, but we don’t allow the constraints of time to stop us from being who we are. We, fabricators of stories to tell, are constantly staying creative, and who knows. Maybe you have a character in a novel based on your interaction with an author right now.

keep writing, stay creative, and don’t be afraid to stop and absorb those tiny moments in your own life.


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