Week 3 Review


This week was a bit rough in the Building a Portfolio with $150.

Good news though, the fund is still over $150! Bad news, it didn’t grow as much as hoped this week. Let’s talk about it.

The highlight of the week was Pier One. I bought a total of 30 shares of it and was able to make a good flip. It allowed me to take my first loss in the fund, selling Frontier Communications for a loss of like 5 dollars. Luckily, Pier One made that back the next day.

It killed me to sell something off as a loss. I would like to think that this amateur with no training can pick a winner every time, or hedge it to break even. Frontier ended up hitting its 52 week low after I sold all of my shares, validating my idea. I didn’t see an upside for Frontier so when I saw Pier One soaring I sold off Frontier and put the majority of it into Pier One.

I also sold off:

All of those were for a gain of at least 5% per the Portfolio Rules.

So where does that leave the fund?

The fund is sitting at $157.20 mid day Friday, up about $1 from last week. That sounds horrible right?!

It sounds a lot better to know that I took a huge loss and was still able to increase cash holdings, have a bad week and it still keeps the fund at a positive 21% for the month!

What is the plan for the up coming week?

I will be doing some research and looking into what the buys of the week might be. I am planning to hold Nintendo, Coke, and most likely GE. I feel confident they should stay steady and maybe grow, and they hold decent dividends. That doesn’t mean if I get a good feeling that I won’t sell them to free up more cash.

Currently the Portfolio has about $45 available for investments and the remaining $110 still invested. I will be keeping an eye out the rest of the afternoon to see if there are any things hitting the sell threshold, but everything should probably stay about the same.

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