Building a Portfolio With $150: Switching it up


I made a few big moves today so it’s time for a post. Essentially what I did was clear just about everything that was in the positive and replace it with more dividend minded stocks.

My thinking is if I can get more in dividends maybe I can grow quicker?

So let’s talk about what I did. First, I sold off Nintendo. It had been good to me, I probably should have kept it but I took my 8 percent gain and ran. I also got out of CRON which I only held for a day or two, taking a 3 percent gain.

I sold GE for a second time, again making money with them, this time just shy of 5%. And I also ditched JKS making only 2.65% on them.

I bought 2 shares of PSEC and one share of ORC for a total of about 20 bucks.

Why these? They are less risky and pay decent dividends.

I am slowly getting away from my impulsive and hope it works strategies and starting to do more research and try new things. We will soon see how they do. Be on the look out for more new ones to come.

As always, please consider signing up with Robinhood through my link so that we both can get some free stocks. This project has the ability to really sky rocket if we can get a few people on board too! So far things are doing well, still above $150, still making small gains every day.


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