Building A Portfolio With $150: Week 1 Review


Here I am, the end of week one of my quest to build a real portfolio on $150. All in all, it was a good week. This week I am up just short of $10, or 7%. Not bad, but nothing spectacular.

I spent most of the week working on doubling down and recouping stocks that were low.

Here was my day by day:

Quick Note: Nothing Sold was sold for a loss.

January 11th –


Blue Apron – Buy – 9 shares @1.05 – 9.45
It doesn’t have a dividend and its highly risky rated, but why not. They appeal to me because they buy the end user time, that is a great thing to do. They advertise a lot near me, and it was cheap. Call it an end of the week gamble. I am looking to see what it does over the weekend on off hours and then either sell it off early in the week or get more and hold for a few weeks.

Weatherford – Buy – 10 shares @ .5377 – 5.38
I honestly just liked the flow of their chart over the last year. It looked like it was worth the risk to get 10 shares and see what it does. I say this because at ten shares, if it can jump ten cents is a dollar profit to you.


Fitbit – 4 shares at 6 dollars – total sale – 24
I was happy this stock finally got me to break even then a little ahead so I dumped it.

Aurora Cannabis – Sold 1 share for 6.39

Aurora Cannabis – Sell – 4 shares @6.37 – 25.48
I sold 4 shares in the beginning of the day as it was over the 5% growth I needed but it was still growing, so I sold some and let it ride for a bit. It mellowed out, so I sold another.


AUY Dividend – .08 – past owned stock
This was a stock I held for a few months on the recommendation that gold was a good thing to buy towards the end of the year annually. It made me a few pennies.


January 9th


NAK – Buy – 5 @ .6649 – 3.32

ACB – Buy – 1 @ 5.23

FIT-Buy- 1 @ 5.71
Bought another share of a stock I do not like in hopes that its slow growth would continue and I could multiply my return a bit more.


NGD – Sell – 3 @ 1.18 – 3.53

Nept – Sell – 3 @ 3.33 – 9.99


January 8th


NGD – 5 @ 1.07 = 5.35

ACB – 2 @ 5.05 – 10.10


FTR – sell – 5 @ 2.86 – 14.28

Jan 7th –

Bought: GE – 1 @ 8.60
I bought General Electric with the thought of holding onto it for a minimum of a few months or possibly a few years if it grows steadily. Also thinking of getting more before too long if I can make up some cash.

Sold: Nept – 3 @ 3.31 – 9.93
I had been waiting to get rid of this.


So that was my week in trading. I will work on getting a more detailed explanation of why I bought or sold and work on getting info on what I am watching. Just getting started!

Oh, and remember:

I am licensed to drive a car, not give financial advice.

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Thanks for your time!



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