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How Self-Publishing Works
What does self-publishing really mean? Self-publishing means that the author will take care of things that traditional publishing houses have taken care of. This doesn't mean you need to have a printing press in your home, but you will either do everything yourself or outsource the duties of editing, formatting,...
Content for Authors
As an author, you don't just write books. In today's world, its never been easier to get published but that doesn't mean people are going to buy your book. You have to create content in every medium that potential fans are using.
Social Media for Authors
Though many are not in love with the medium, social media is an author's best friend. Never before has it been easier to not only publish your own story but also put it in front of millions of eyes for little to no money. You want to make sure that...
Simply put, when you hear someone talking about building their personal brand they are talking about their reputation. Just like your social reputation, your ability to convert your digital audience into customers is to build a strong personal brand. Why do I need a personal brand? Social media and the internet,...

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