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When you give up on technology, YOU DIE.

We all have that friend or family member who just hates technology. They always reflect on the times before computers, like their phones to have a rotary wheel, and when something new comes out they brush it off as crap.

You probably have a particular person in mind right now from that description. I was thinking about these type of people and came up with the theory of:

When you give up learning about new technology,

you are putting your name on your own coffin.

I personally am sick of hearing people say that kids need to go outside, that screens are ruining people. People who say things like that are pessimistic, whether they know it or not.

Screens are not ruining people, unless you want them to.

Think about all of the things that your phone can help you do. I really can’t think of anything that it can not assist with, like they say, “there’s an app for that”.

So why do people blame the devices for their shortcomings? Probably because it is easier, right? I think of this in the same ideology that I do with people think that smoking weed is a sure fire way to make people lazy.

It is not the device or the substance to fault, it is the person. If you want to go outside, there are a million ways that your phone or computer can help benefit that.

I love to use my phone while walking the dog to listen to podcasts and keep up with the news. I use different apps while on that same walk to track where I went and use that data either for charity, or fitness tracking.


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