I love apps and I love dogs

That is why this is one of the easiest apps that I can recommend to people! Walk For a Dog by WoofTrax is an app that needs to be on every dog owners cell phone (that has unlimited data). Since 2012, WoofTrax through its app:

harnesses the energy of the millions of people who walk their dogs every day to create a social good

How do they do this?

Walk for a Dog is an easy to use fundraising app! By promoting healthy interactions between dogs and their owners, WoofTrax raises money every day to support the mission of your animal shelter or rescue of choice.

Not only does the app directly donate to shelters, it also keeps the idea of animal shelters more towards the front of the minds of its users.

If the app is free, where does the money come from?

Just like most things that are free for people to use, the money is coming from somewhere. The money that is donated to the shelters is provided by sponsors. You can apply to be a sponsor on the WoofTrax website.

I was happy to see some big familiar names listed on their sponsorship page. Names like the dog walking services Wag! and Rover, the dog food company Wellness, and other reputable companies. I personally do not recommend Wag or Rover as companies ( poor experiences contracting for them), but I do however like that they are giving back to their niche in a positive way.

How much have they donated?

I currently have my shelter set to where I got my dog, the Geauga  Humane Society. There are 300people walking for just that shelter alone. They have walked almost 37,000 miles at the time of this post! That is a lot of walking and a lot of charity donations!

How do I use the App?

  1. Download the app
  2. Add your dog / dogs that you will be walking with. You can add their names and profile photo.
  3. Enable your cell data. The app tracks you via GPS, so it will eat up your phone data.
  4. Click start walking. Start your walk and put your phone in your pocket.
  5. When you are finished, click finished and decide if you want to share or just submit the walk.
  6. You will get a map of where you went and some basic walk stats. Your data will then be saved and your walk counted towards your charity.


My Final Thoughts:

I love this app!

I give it a 9/10!

  • It is easy to use. No extra unnecessary features.
  • It is a great concept. I love anything that costs me nothing and helps people.
  • The only downside to the app is if you do not have an unlimited data plan, it might end up costing you. My mom originally told me about it but rarely uses it because she has limited data.
  • It seems like the company has a good handle on things and is making new partnerships to help it grow.

Go Download it or tell a Dog Owner About it!


Have you used this app?
Is there one like it that is better?
Let me know in the comments!


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