Wouldn’t it be great when you don’t have a job to be able to make at least a couple cents every time you saw a job hiring, even if you didn’t get the job?

What if every time you saw a store hiring throughout the year, you stopped and took two photos, clicked a few buttons, and were able to stock up Amazon gift cards. You could completely change how you do Christmas or possibly even a vacation at the end of the year.

There is an app called Job Spotter that can help make that happen.

Indeed Job Spotter is an awesome way to explore your community and earn redeemable points, all in the name of helping local businesses. If you spot a hiring sign, take a picture of it and the storefront, and submit it to Indeed Job Spotter. Submit enough photos to earn the most points, and they’ll give you a gift card in exchange.

I have been using the app for probably a year, maybe more and have gotten my wife to use it as well. It is very easy to use, allows you to quickly accumulate Amazon Gift Cards, and helps people find jobs.

How does it work?

Submit as many hiring signs as you want. There is no limit to the points you can earn!
1. Install the Indeed Job Spotter app. It is available on both Apple and Google.
2. Explore your neighborhood for hiring signs.
3. Submit a picture of both the hiring sign and the storefront.
4. Collect points for each approved submission.
5. Redeem your points for gift cards.

When you open the app it instantly is ready to snap a photo of a hiring sign. If you have one in front of you, take advantage, or if not go to the dashboard. From the dashboard you will have the options to look at your past submissions, verify other peoples submissions, submit photos, access your earned credits to convert to Amazon Gift Cards, or do the traditional settings set up.


In order for your photos to be submitted there are a few requirements. I have had multiple attempts denied, so be sure to follow these rules:

  • No Duplicates: They do not allow multiple submissions of the same business location. This also applies if another user recently submit the same sign.
  • Sign Needs To Be On The Storefront: They do not accept things like receipts, flyers, pamphlets, etc.
  • No People: Any faces or feet in a photo and its rejected.
  • Capture Business Name: You have to have a readable business name in your photo.
  • In Focus: Photos should be in focus, hard to view and blurry photos may be rejected.
  • Take Photos AT Business Location: Off site submissions will not count.
  • The jobs must be able to be applied for both online and in person.
  • No Car Shots: Submissions may be rejected if taken from inside your car.

The amount of money you get on a submission has a few factors:

Less Money If:

  • It is a chain business with many stores.
  • It is a generic sign posted at most locations permanently.
  • Sign just instructs people to go to company website.

More Money If:

  • It is a small business.
  • Job Title on the sign.
  • Accepts applications in person.
  • Photos are well composed and in good focus.

You can use these guidelines to judge if it is worth stopping for a photo or not. I have had fair luck at my local mall with big chain stores hiring even though they advise against it. When 20 all are hiring, it adds up. Payouts range from a few pennies to a little over a dollar in my experience.

Rewards Program

One of the best things about this app is that it pays you in Amazon Gift Cards, which is basically US currency. There are no minimums to cash out either. If you earn a dime, you can cash it out right away. Indeed will send you an email code shortly after you confirm your cash out that you will link to your Amazon account.

A great way to bulk up your rewards and maximize your down time spent on your phone is to do all of the available submission verifications. This is a yes or no survey that asks you to confirm the submissions of others. It will ask you if the photo is a hiring sign as well as ask you to confirm a name with the storefront in the image.

To do a full round only takes a few short minutes and you get a dime per round. A great feature in this section is that they will lower your 5 star rating if you say something is what it isn’t. The lower your rating, the more submissions you must verify to reach 100% It is a terrific quality control mechanism. It is important to them that things are what they say they are and using the community to verify saves them a lot of man hours.

My overall thoughts on Job spotter:

It is a great app that I think should be on everyone’s phone who has unlimited data. The app works well, its something that is free that you can make money from, and it helps businesses and job seekers. I have been using it for years, tell my friends about it, and hope you give it a try.

Please leave your experiences with it in the comments!

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If there was anything I could have done better, let me know!

Talk to you soon!



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