A Must Have For Bloggers & Anyone On Social Media

What isĀ Canva?

Canva is an app / website that allows you to be a complete graphic design novice and still produce professional graphics. Their easy to use interface makes it incredibly simple to make logos, posters, business cards, flyers, resumes, infographics, social media posts, and more. You can use their predesigned templates or create your own by selecting fonts and graphics or uploading your own. The service is not only simple to use, but a large portion of their services can be accessed for FREE!

Who is Canva for?

The easy answer would be everybody. When you go to their homepage as a new user it is not only a stunning, one of a kind homepage but its first task is to customize your experience. It asks you to sign up as either Education (students and teachers), Small Business (start ups and blogs), Large Company ( 100+ employees), Nonprofit / Charity, or Personal (home, family, or friends).

When using Canva, you are in good company. Over 10,000 companies use Canva. Some of their more well known clients include Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Disney, Linkedin, and Nordstrom. I either recommend Canva to all of my clients and use it for a lot of the social media management services I do.

How do you use it?

The Canva app has a easy to use, drag and drop interface that takes less than a minute to learn. When you open the app you will have tons of professionally designed templates to pick from. Simply add your text and update graphics if needed and you have an image ready to be printed or shared. They are adding new sharing features all the time. You can connect to different social media platforms and share your images instantly after you are finished designing them.

What does it cost?

So much of the app is FREE. The paid membership recommend for most people costs roughly 13 dollars a month. For a full pricing, guide click here. I personally have only used the free services but have strongly been considering upgrading my game to the paid membership.

Why are you recommending this?

I do not get paid from Canva. I would totally accept payment from them to promote ( maybe a free membership if you guys are reading this?? please) but I tell people all the time to use their services at no benefit to me. I just think that they are a tool that everyone starting out and even those more established need to at least take an afternoon and play around with it.

I often recommend it to writers in various Facebook Groups who struggle with promotion. Not only can you make social media posts, but they even have great book covers to choose from! One writer in particular has taken advantage of this advice and her marketing has improved along with her book sales:

The opening scene of this video was made with Canva. A lot of the advice she talks about in this video was just to use Canva.

In turn she says she started selling more copies of her book and digital downloads were also up.

Words From Actual Canva Users:

Canva is a lifesaver, especially in my business. I designed my own logo on the website, which I’ve gotten several compliments on. CANVA takes us to the next level without paying for expensive design packages.
– Hannah, Editor at The Novel ForgeĀ 

I hope this article was helpful to you. Be sure to go check it out. Maybe go check out my Instagram and see some more examples of what you can do with Canva.


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