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Visq released his project “They Can’t Stand Me” project July 5,2019 and reached my radar in late October. I put a post on the podcast instagram page asking for people submit music for me to review and Visq was one of the first to respond. His email was well written and showed that there was some intellect behind the artist.

I instantly pulled up the project on Apple Music and proceeded to listen to it during my work day. On first listen, I wasn’t overly impressed, but I know music well enough to know you have to listen to things a few times and in a few different environments to really get an understanding of it.

So below, you will find a link to stream each song as well as my thoughts. If you just want to know the overall rating, scroll all the way to the bottom!

Let’s get into it: Visq – They Can’t Stand Me

1.How Far Does the Rabbit Hole Goes

The name of this track bothers me, it should either be “How Far Does the Rabbit Hole Go” or ” How Far the Rabbit Hole Goes. With that said its not a bad intro. The beat is very cinematic and does a great job of building some hype. The verse is like a spoken word poem and gives you the feeling that you are about to go into a conscious album.

2. Kool-Aid, Please

In this track, Visq seems to channel his inner Kendrick Lamar. It starts with a bit of a skit about someone trying to get the Kool-Aid of Knowledge. There are some good lines throughout,
The flow is nice, the beat is simple and enhanced by Visq’s bars. If it stopped just after 2 minutes it would be a perfect track, but he starts to ramble a bit for the last minute of the song.

3. Decipher My Hidden Knowledge

This song gives us a bit of an insight to Visq’s love for basketball. ” I can stretch it like Giannis, I can beat you with the hook”. Perhaps I just didn’t have the key to deciphering it, but I didn’t pick up much knowledge from this track. It was kind of slow and with the title I thought there would be a lot more visual bars, painting a picture into his knowledge vault. But again, maybe it’s there and I’m just slow.

4. I Swear They Can’t Stand Me

This song is presumably where he got the title for the full project. It is not my favorite song on the project, it is the least produced of all the tracks. Both on my laptop and in my headphones, it doesn’t sound that clear unlike a lot of other of his tracks. It sounds to me like the song is about him doing him and people being jealous.
While I don’t really like this song as a whole, I love that he makes mention of stocks, dividends, and equity. The days of flashing all the cash you can get your hands on is over… I hope. I encourage more rappers to include real business in their lines like Visq does here.

5. I like O’s

Just as he was getting into the real stuff of stocks and dividends, he switches it up with I like O’s and Hoes. But guess what, he works the investment talk back in even while talking through flipping dow and pulling hoes.

“I’m going to blow through a stack, invest and get it back, I bet you didn’t expect that, now you laughing at my react, dividends and supplements, touching on me with compliments”

It is a real slow song, but as my attention started to drift off with the verse, right on time they come in with the catchy hook.

6. Manifesting Money for Day$

Remember how I just said the last song was super slow, well they knew that too and threw the energy back on the next track. The upbeat track and money themed chorus makes it hard to not bob your head up and down to it.
Not much memorable lyric wise, but I think this is one of their best attempts for a club or radio song.

7. Fugg All Them Haters

This song Visq gets in his confident bag a bit. It again though isn’t just flexing to flex. If you just listen in passing you might miss it, but he makes some real points about Andrew Yang ( his favorite political candidate).

8. Are you Woke or Awake?

This is another track where at first listen I hated it but when I went back a few times and listened to the lyrics and understood what he was trying to say I liked it more. This song has an early 90s vibe to it, kind of a De La Soul feel. So if you listen to it and don’t like it, just focus on the words.

9. Can You Ride My High?

Can you ride my high is another song that I am not a huge fan of the sound, but I like the message / lyrics. The beat is pretty basic and the little kid voice in the beginning lose my interest but when you sit back and listen to what he is saying you see the quality.


10. When I’m With You, I’m Stuck on You

I think this was made after a break up? Could be wrong. This track carries his often used, Spoken Word Vibes. I think this could make a really cool cinematic video.

11. I Have Fears and So Do You

This to me sounds like a spoken word of a diary. Visq seems to get rather personal with this song. I can’t quite place it, but I get like an A$AP feel from it. Not the most soundful track, but really lets you into Visq’s mind,

12. I’m Fading Without You

Listening to this song I can’t help think about who it is about. Luckily enough for me, I will be having Visq on the podcast shortly, so I will get it uncovered! 

13. Radio Skit ( Outro)

The production on this song is really good. They master the radio announcer voice well. I wish this would have been a recurring segment throughout the project. Perhaps replace the intro with introducing Visq on a morning radio show, make another traffic report or something skit.

I am also a sucker for a freestyle. We all know freestyles are rarely original, off the dome. This one does have that feel though. There are some good cultural references , good bars, good beat, I liked the idea of the outro a lot. They did a great job finishing the project with his social media handles, leaving the listeners knowing how to find more of his stuff.



Overall: 3/5

Production is great all across the project, Visq shows promise as a lyricist and creator. I think there are a few more projects that will come out with a 3-4 out of 5 rating and then there will be a project he comes out with that is a 5 / 5.

In conclusion, this project shows potential of an artist who has an original style, good content, and as long as he sticks with it and continues to grow, he will be one of the next big local names if not a national act.

To find Visq online:


If you want something reviewed or know a project I should check out, let me know about it.

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